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Posts for: September, 2019

Tips for choosing the best shoes to avoid Foot Injuries For Women  The fall season can be rough on a woman’s feet. That’s not to say that men don’t have foot woes then, but the fashion trends, especially after having their feet exposed for several months during the summer, can be more unforgiving for women.


The closed-toe shoes, coupled with high heels, can bring about results like bunions and other damage to the foot. What can be done about it?


Here are a few things that women can think about when picking out fall shoes - along with a couple of pointers for men:


Monitor The Toe Space

Summer is a time when women wear open-toed shoes or sandals. They like to let their feet breathe. It’s an easy time, for the most part, assuming that their choice in footwear actually fits. 


Have Comfortable Shoes Available

This is especially effective for people who work office jobs where they keep their feet under a desk for much of the day. They can wear the fashionable shoes in to work and then slip into the more practical, comfortable shoes.


When they do this, they minimize the amount of damage that can be done to the feet. Of course, when they get home, they can just kick off the shoes and relax, too. This is a way that prevents long-term discomfort and damage.


Protect the Feet

That’s not to say that autumnal foot pain is the exclusive domain of women. Men can have a hard time re-adjusting to wearing dress shows, especially if they wore nothing but flip-flops all summer. That can lead to chafing and even cuts on the feet. They need to do these things: 


- Ensure that the shoes fit well. 

- Try to break them in before wearing them for extended time

- Put protection on problem places like the heel.


People need to assess what their job situation calls for. Are they seated a lot? Standing all day? If they need to do a lot of walking then the more sensible shoes are the best option. 


Living in a place like New York, the urge to stay current with fashion can be a strong one. It’s better to sacrifice a little bit and preserve one’s feet for all the other seasons coming up in the future.

Come see Dr. John J Hickey at Leavittown Podiatry. He knows the best type of shoes for all the different types of feet out there. Give him a call at 516-735-4545.

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