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common foot probles when runningIf you’re a runner, you know that the biggest challenge is caring for your feet. From getting the right running shoes to after care when your feet are tired and sore. That’s just one of the reasons runners begrudgingly don’t like running. Of course, the benefits of running far outway the negatives.

As a runner, there are some more serious conditions than sore feet that should be paid attention to. A foot, while carrying us through life, can also be quite delicate. It’s a series of bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles that are all connected have to work together. If one these goes out of order, the foot is out of commission until it’s fixed.

Fortunately, most foot ailments can be handled. These below are the most common foot ailments are runner can run into.


The Foot and the Runner


The first and most common condition is Plantar Fasciitis. The plantar fascia tendon is the one that runs the length of the bottom of the foot. This condition is characterized by a sharp, stabbing pain at the bottom of your foot. This is a tendonitis issue. Generally, it’s caused by overuse, not stretching, or wearing the wrong shoes.

The second common condition is a Stress Fracture. This is where the bone issue, where a small fracture can occur in any of the bones that comprise the foot. The most common area for stress fractures, however, is the metatarsals. These fractures they take time to build. Then, suddenly, the point comes where you feel a sharp pain in an area of your foot. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes hard to distinguish between general foot pain and a stress fracture, and x-rays are not always reliable as these fractures are quite small. The common way to find out if you have a stress fracture, is the tuning fork method and the vibrations will end up rattling your bones. Your podiatrist will advise on the best treatments.

The last condition that runners currently find themselves in is Extensor Tendonitis. These are the tendons that go across the top of the foot and go down from the muscles in front of the shin. These are the tendons that straighten each toe and generally help work them. Just like any tendon, it can become inflamed and overused. The pain can be similar to a stress fracture, but the main difference is that with extensor tendonitis, you’ll have trouble raising your toes.

While these conditions are painful and can momentarily stop you from running, letting them go unchecked or untreated, will only worsen the condition for the future. Make sure to visit a podiatrist who will advise the best treatment to get you back on your feet and hitting the streets.

Family Foot Center is always ready to help runners during any time of need. If you’re experiencing any of the above, feel free to schedule an appointment.