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December 28, 2017
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How do podiatrists remove calluses?How do podiatrists remove calluses?

Many people develop one or more calluses on their feet. Calluses are thickened layers of skin. These thick areas serve to protect the inner parts of the foot from impacts each time a person runs, jumps or takes a step. People with diabetes, neuromuscular disorders or circulatory system disorders may need to visit a podiatrist to have their calluses evaluated and professionally removed. Athletes and other people may also wish to have calluses removed, especially if they become uncomfortable.

Which Calluses Should Be Removed

An important part of considering how do podiatrists remove calluses is related to which calluses should be removed by a podiatry specialist. A small callus might be reversible by replacing worn-out shoes or switching to shoes that have better heel and ball of foot support. A callus that is larger than a dime, causing pain or ulcerated should be removed. Podiatrists will also attend to a callus on an athlete or a person with diabetes or other chronic conditions that affect the foot.

Callus Removal With a Surgical Blade

The primary method of how do podiatrists remove calluses is with a sterile surgical blade. The podiatrist may use a blade that is attached to a handle or one that is held in their hand. Slowly and methodically, the podiatrist moves the blade across the callused area. One layer of dead skin is removed with each passing of the surgical blade. Once the dead layers of skin have been removed and live skin is uncovered, the podiatrist will stop. The edges of the callous will be smoothed with a pumice stone in order to enhance patient comfort.

Trimming a Callus With an Electric Tool

Some podiatrists use an electric tool that looks like an electric razor. This type of a tool has multiple thin and flexible blades that glide across the skin. The podiatrist might select this tool for a callus that is on the side of a toe or that wraps around the back of a heel.

Callus Removal With a Scalpel

When a callus is cracked open or has started to ulcerate, the podiatrist might need to remove the infection underneath the dead skin. In this situation, the podiatrist numbs the area with an injection of a local anesthetic. A surgical scalpel is used to remove the callus and the infected tissue. This technique may be required in people with diabetes who did not notice that the callus was cracked open. It may also be necessary when removing a callus between the toes. A cortisone injection may be given to reduce inflammation and pain in the affected area.

Callus Surgery

A person with advanced diabetes or circulatory disorders may need surgical callus removal. A deep infection or a large, deep callus may need to be removed in this way. Podiatrists usually do this as an outpatient procedure. Regular check-ups with the podiatrists are key to ensuring proper healing of the foot and prevention of future calluses and infections.