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Diabetic Foot Care Near Levittown NY.Feet are very important for diabetics to take care of

They can get a podiatrist to cut nails

Exercise can help


Besides their glucose levels, the next thing that diabetics need to monitor is their feet. Because of the reduced blood flow in that area, it’s easy to have what would otherwise be a minor cut turn into a possible life threatening situation.

Here are some of the basic things that people with diabetes should do to help them have a better time of walking and being mobile and healthy in general.


Regular Foot Inspection

This is the most important thing that a diabetic can do in this area. They need to look at their feet daily, several times, to ensure their feet are in good condition. Since the blood flow has drastically decreased there, even what might be thought of as a mild cut or blister can rapidly turn into a infection that can possibly turn gangrenous and require amputation. They should take swift action and see a medical professional if they do see a cut or blister since it is not something that can wait. They can use a mirror to look on the bottom of their feet. A doctor should regularly examine the diabetic’s feet.


Choose Footwear Carefully

While there are special shoes made for people with diabetes, they can wear nearly any kind. They just have to ensure that they fit properly and don’t need any time to break in, since that is what can cause blisters and cuts. Before buying them and then every day thereafter they should inspect the inside of the shoes to make sure there’s nothing loose in there that could damage their feet.


Be Careful Clipping Nails

Another danger spot on the foot can be the toenail area. Diabetics should make certain to clip the nails in a straight-across way. This will prevent them from getting an ingrown toenail and a possible infection. If doing this will be hard, then they should have someone else do it or a professional like a podiatrist.


Foot Care

Non-diabetics need to care for their feet but this is another crucial thing for diabetics to do. They need to keep their feet clean and moisturized. That can really help if there is a cut, since keeping it clean before seeing a doctor can minimize the chances of infection. They should also keep their feet protected against both the heat and the cold - which means not walking barefoot at the beach or sitting near a fireplace with bare feet.


All of this is not to say that people with diabetes cannot enjoy the same life as those without it. It’s a condition that can be reversed with exercise and diet in some cases - mostly with the adult-onset Type II so having this does not relegate people to a sedentary life. It takes extra diligence and monitoring, though.

Dr. John J Hickey has worked with diabetics throughout his career at Levittown Podiatry. He can help make sure that their feet are in the best shape possible.