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What Are Corns and Calluses?

what are cornes and callusesThere are many different ailments which we visit our physicians for.  We visit our doctors for a common cold or flu, for an annual physical.  However, some ailments are a bit more personal in nature and may require some special attention from a specialist.  Matters which are visible to the outside world, such as corns and calluses, should be treated by a certified, experienced foot specialist, or a podiatrist.

What Are Corns?

A corn is defined as a hardened, very thick layer of skin.  It commonly develops on the feet and is a mechanism which the skin and immune system use to protect itself against pressure.  They can develop on the hands and fingers as well and are very difficult to treat at home.  Intervention from your podiatrist is often needed to treat these.  They can use a combination of treatments and medication (both oral and topical) to treat these painful, unsightly growths.

In some cases, corns can develop between the toes as well, although those are often much softer.  People often believe that they are warts or blisters when they begin to develop, but they often do not go away without proper treatment.  Additionally, if left unmedicated or removed, they can re-develop and cause walking or even wearing closed footwear very uncomfortable and in some cases, unbearable.

What Are Calluses?

Calluses often form for a variety of reasons and are areas of hardened skin with soft cores.  Some form because of underlying medical diseases or illness, such as diabetes, autoimmune disease, heart disease, or anything which can decrease the natural, healthy flow of blood to the feet and lower extremities.  In other cases, they can form due to choices in footwear or even certain socks.  Footwear which does not fit properly (whether too large or too small) can cause friction between the skin on the foot and the shoes and will cause the calluses to form, often very quickly (sometimes in just a couple of hours).

Plantar calluses commonly form on the bottom of the feet and can make walking particularly uncomfortable.  High heeled shoes are the most common cause of corn and callus formation in women.  The rubbing and pressure can cause discomfort and when you add in the warm, moist environment, these growths can easily form and grow.  

If you are experiencing any kind of foot pain, consult your podiatrist right away.  There are many complications which can develop from untreated corns and calluses, many of which can even compromise your mobility.  Odds are that you are experiencing, or have experienced some form of corns (nearly seventy percent of American adults have).  Call your podiatrist for a consultation today and stay up on your feet and on the go!