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What Is A Podiatry ClinicA Pain In The Foot?

There are a variety of different issues which can occur with our feet.  One of the most common issues podiatrists see at the clinic is that associated with your toenails.  The nails are exposed to a variety of bacteria and moisture throughout the day, which can cause fungus and ingrown toenails to develop.  This can be both painful and unsightly for patients and their loved ones.  Thankfully, this is quite easy to treat with prescription topical medication and even specialized toenail polish.

Another common complaint podiatry clinics often hear from patients is growths on the feet and toes.  These include warts, hammer toes, bunions and plantar fasciitis.  All of these ailments can present in a variety of ways, such as pain when walking or wearing certain footwear, to unpleasant odors which the feet may emit.  These too can all be treated by a podiatrist, with a combination of in-office removal procedures and medication.

What Is A Podiatry Clinic?

Majority of American adults will experience some sort of foot and/or ankle pain within their lifetime, but many individuals do not know where to go for help.  Rather than living in pain and limiting your walking or exercise, consider visiting a podiatry clinic.  Licensed, professional podiatrists will give you a full exam and diagnosis, as well as a comprehensive treatment plan.

More Than Just Sugar

Individuals who suffer from diabetes are especially susceptible to pathologies of the feet.  Diabetes causes people to become prone to developing foot ulcers, which can be quite painful and even limit mobility.  If these ulcers go untreated, they can cause necrotic (or black, dead) tissue.  This can be very dangerous because many diabetes are forced to undergo amputation procedures of their toes and feet if they do not seek podiatric care in time.  Preserving these limbs and treating wounds of the foot associated with diabetes is a big focus of podiatrists nationwide.

If you are experiencing any pain in the heel, foot or ankle, be sure to visit your podiatry clinic.  The doctors will complete a full evaluation of the foot (or feet) and will determine how to best treat your issue, to get you up and on the move again!