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podiatry care specialistsPodiatry Care Specialists in Levittown, NY


Are you looking for podiatry care specialists?

We often spend a lot of time making ourselves look presentable. Whether this means grooming, choosing the best outfits, or wearing nice hair and makeup styles, the fact is still the same: people care very much about their appearance. This becomes especially prevalent in the warmer months of spring. As spring fashions begin to come out to the scene, so does spring footwear. For both men and women alike, this means showing more skin, even on your feet! Although many of us may not put much thought into caring for our feet, it’s important not to forget them!


There are a few ways to keep your feet clean and healthy this spring (more than just getting bright colored pedicures!) Firstly, limit walking barefoot as much as possible. Although it is important for your feet to have time to “breathe”, it is also important to protect them from the harms of the ground. Walking barefoot (especially outdoors) increases your chances of developing fungus, injuries, warts and even ringworm.


If you have a job where you sit for extended periods of time, remember to get up and stretch. We know that getting up during a meeting can be a bit awkward and distract from workflow, so be sure to wiggle your toes, move your ankles and keep the blood flowing to your feet!


Be sure to drink plenty of water, this helps your body as a whole, including your feet! Staying hydrated can prevent unsightly dry feet and skin. Also, make sure to apply sunscreen to the feet and ankles when they are exposed to rays (this is one of the most forgotten parts!)


More than 50% of adults have some sort of foot pathology, which is why it is important to regularly visit a podiatrist. Your feet are your primary source of mobility and your way to the world!

There are great podiatry care specialists that you can rely on! Call Dr. John Hickey at Levittown Podiatry at 516-735-4545  to schedule your appointment today, or visit Make sure you get those feet checked out before the warm weather hits, you’re going to want to show off that pedi! Let the podiatry care specialists get you ready for the season and looking great from head to toe!