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Posts for tag: when to call a podiatrist

when to call a podiatristWhen we are not feeling well, our first thought is usually to call our regular doctor.  In some cases, your primary care physician may give you a referral to specialist based on your symptoms and medical history.  However, it is also a good idea to know your body and what to look out for, so that you can make that appointment with the specialist on your own as well.  Statistics show that over seventy five percent of American adults will suffer from some form of podiatry issues within their lifetime.  Get to know your feet and the facts!


These Boots Were Made For Walking

Shoes can often be the culprit when it comes to foot pain.  Ladies, we know how great it feels to wear those heels to work or for a night out on the town, but we also know the excruciating pain we feel when we take them off at the end of the night.  If you often experience these pains in your feet or ankle, it is important to consult a podiatrist.  You have twenty six bones in each foot, all of which are very sensitive to your natural arch and which shoes you choose to wear.  It is especially important to call your podiatrist if you find that you are walking abnormally or if you have dull or sharp pain which worsens with movement.  Even if the feet look healthy on the outside, there are many over 100 joints and ligaments in each foot which may be strained.


Not So Pretty

While many of us take great pride in our weekly pedicure and maintaining the vanity of our feet, there are still unexpected things which may grow or form.  For example, nearly every adult will experience some form of foot odor.  It may simply be the materials in our shoes or socks, or it may be an early sign of foot fungus or a rash.  If you experience a foul or offensive odor for more than a few days in a row, it is advisable to see a podiatrist right away.  They will be able to diagnose the issue and prescribe a medication (often an ointment or cream) which will cure the source of the smell.

In some cases, people often experience changes to the skin on their feet.  Peeling, itching and scaling are not uncommon.  Additionally, many report changes to the color and consistency of their toenails.  The feet are kept in a warm, moist environment throughout the day, so in turn they become great breeding grounds for bacteria, which can lead to dangerous infections.  It is important to identify and treat these early on while under the care of a podiatrist, so that they do not spread throughout the body.