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Many conditions can affect the rear part of the foot and ankle. Two common conditions can cause pain to the bottom of the heel and lead to surgical intervention: plantar fasciitis (an inflammation of a fibrous band of tissue in the bottom of the foot that extends from the heel bone to the toes) and heel spurs (often the result of stress on the muscles and fascia of the foot).

There are many causes of heel pain and most cases can be effectively treated without surgery. Chronic heel pain, however, often can be corrected only through surgery.


Generally there is no need to remove a spur on the bottom of the heel, since that isn't what causes pain. The pressure on the heel, where the fascia attaches, is what causes the pain. If it goes on to surgery, it is usually done in-office, under local anesthetic. While there are various procedures, we prefer the one that involves a small (3/8") incision on the bottom of the heel. Through this, half of the fascia is cut - which relieves the painful pressure. One suture is used. People are usually back at work (depending upon their job) after a week.