How To Avoid Winter Foot Injuries

How To Avoid Winter Foot Injuries

How to avoid winter foot injuries in Levittown, NYFor some, winter heralds a time to stay indoors (though that has been happening a lot more lately thanks to recent events, no matter the season), while others relish the opportunity to get out and play some sports. It may be the cold, crisp air that they enjoy or they might just like this season.


They need to be careful, though. Although the games they parlay may be fun, they pose an injury risk.. and the cold can often initially mask the severity since it can numb areas. So be on the lookout for what can happpen and what needs to be done.


Here’s a closer look at some of the injuries that can happen if you participate in winter sports. 




How to avoid winter foot injuries near Levittown, NYYou can prepare your body for the rigors of skiing by going to the weight room and doing flexibility work, since there is a lot of twisting and turning and bringing. But you also need to watch out for your feet, since they can absorb the brunt of an ill-timed accident. While your ski or snowboard boots might feel solid when you are walking around in them, they are far from invincible.


The first thing you need to do is make sure that the boots are properly fitted. They can’t be so tight that you lose circulation but you can’t have them be so loose that you fly out of them every time you fall on the slopes. You may need to have insoles for added support and also be on the lookout for foot blisters. Yes, those can make life uncomfortable for a while. When you get your boots fitted, make sure to be wearing the thick socks that you will use when you’re out skiing. That will ensure the best fit. Last, but not least - ski trails that fit your level of ski experience. Trying one that is too difficult can swiftly lead to disaster.


Hockey or Regular Ice Skating


Sometimes you just want to go out on the ice and whiz around the rink like your favorite professional hockey player. Bear in mind that even they, the people that spend hours training, can wind up with foot injuries. Make sure that you are wearing thick socks and also try to wear skates that give plenty of ankle stability. Also, ensure that you lace up the skates properly, especially if they are rental skates. Don’t try to go too fast if it’s been a while since you have been on skates. That’s just inviting an ankle-buckling accident.


Just like other winter sports, you need to make sure that you are properly warmed up. Start off striding slowly and then after a few minutes, begin ramping up the speed. Your muscles will loosen up and your ankles will also get used to the cuts and turns that you are making as you go around the ice. Always be aware of your surroundings, too.




Yes, it’s quite possible to sustain a foot or ankle injury even before you’ve even started the actual sport that you intended. WInter brings a lot of freezing weather, which then in turn makes a lot of things slippery. That can lead to a lot of mishaps that can wind up leaving you laying around at home with a boot on your foot.


An easy way to avoid that is to just ensure that your walkway is clear of any ice or snow. When you are at your destination., like a ski slope or ice rink, be extra careful with where you walk and wear the proper footwear. Sneakers are not good for an icy day, since they get little to no traction on the ground.


Winter sports can be a lot of fun, but you just have to take some sensible precautions. Besides the usual, make sure that you wear a mask. Who knows what the state of the world will be? Also, try to see if resting and elevating your legs helps, but if the swelling doesn’t go down after a day or so, go seek medical help.


It’s also important to take care of your feet at home. Make sure to keep them well-moisturized. That can also help with any interior footwear friction occurring while you are outside and minimize the risk of blisters.

Whether you injured yourself with one of the above winter sports or you want to learn how to possibly prevent hurting your foot or ankle doing it, Dr. John J Hickey will be able help you. Come see him at Levittown Podiatry. Give him a call today at 516-735-4545 to make an appointment.


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