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Dr. John Hickey

Dr. John Hickey Dr. Hickey has a BS in Mathematics (cum laude) from St Francis College, as well as an MA in Mathematics from St John's University. He was half-way through a doctoral thesis in Systems Analysis when he decided to return to medical school to become a podiatrist. He taught mathematics at Hofstra University and Queensboro Community College for twelve years, teaching full time at night for the first two years of med school. He graduated the NY College of Podiatric Medicine in 1981, cum laude. He did his residency at Oxford Hospital in Philadelphia., where he was fortunate to learn both traditional surgical techniques as well as the newer Minimal Incision techniques. He has been in private practice in Levittown since 1982, and is on staff at St Joseph, Plainview and Syosset Hospitals. He is Board Certified in Foot and Ankle Surgery by the APBS, in Foot and Ankle Orthopedics and Primary Medicine by the ABFAOM, and in Foot and Ankle Surgery by the AAFAS. He is also credentialed in Pain Management. He is an avid reader, mostly mysteries, loves photography, and enjoys traveling with his wife, Ann.

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