We proudly offer these products in our office:

Anodyne shoes https://www.anodyneshoes.com

BioFreeze http://www.biofreeze.com

Dr. Comfort shoes and socks http://www.drcomfort.com

Drs Remedy Nail polish - http://www.remedynails.com/

Relief Cream http://corganics.com/relief.html

Steri-Shoe Shoe Sanitizer http://www.sterishoe.com/



If you have a big-toe joint that doesn't bend very well (or hurts like the dickens when it does), get a pair of shoes that does the bending for you. These are similar to the new fitness shoes, where the foot actually rocks when you walk. To see if the shoes do what you need, put a shoe on a flat surface, and gently press down on the toe until the toe is against the ground. Hold it there while you check out the heel. If the heel has not raised about an inch and a half from the surface, this shoe is not what you need. BAD shoes for this problems are most men's dress shoes, tennis shoes, moccasins and boat shoes.