Common Causes Of Dry Skin On Your Feet

Common Causes Of Dry Skin On Your Feet

All About Dry Skin On Your Feet & How To Prevent It

All About Dry Skin On Your Feet & How To Prevent It In Levittown, NY

Dry skin on your feet is unappealing in so many ways - though you might be able to peel some of it off. It can also feel itchy at times. Walking around in your home can be uncomfortable and the act of putting on socks and then your shoes is an exercise in patience since the socks can sometimes stick to the skin. Your heels can get very cracked.  It’s a good idea to see your Levittown podiatrist


You don’t have to live with this. Read on to learn all about dry skin on your feet and how to prevent it. 


Pressure, Friction & Overall Stress On Your Feet Can Lead To Dryness


The pressure, friction, and stress on your feet can be traced to two different possibilities. You might be wearing socks that are either too thin or too thick or your shoes don’t fit. If your socks are too thin, then your feet will always be rubbing on the inside of your shoe. If they are too thick, then they can cause the shoe to put pressure on your feet. Either way, your feet are going to have friction or pressure. 


You also have to look at the shoe itself. Are you wearing a pair that is either too small or too large? It’s important to have shoes that give you stability and support while you walk. If your feet are slipping around inside or if they are feeling wedged in, then you need to have that corrected. Talk to a shoe professional or a Levittown podiatrist to ensure that your shoe is an exact fit for you. 


Humidity & Climate Conditions Can Affect Your Feet's Skin

What happens both inside and outside your home can have an effect on your feet. Do you live in a dry environment? That means your feet can also dry up - moist air outside can help keep your feet feeling moist and supple. Is it very cold outside? That cold air, including those regular blasts of wind,  can also greatly dry out your skin, which includes your feet, not just your lips or your hands. It’s important to prepare for that. 

Your home itself is also a place where your feet can be affected. If you are constantly running a radiator to keep your home warm, then that means that the air inside will also be drier. It would not be a bad idea to have a humidifier running to improve the quality of the air in your home. Doing this can also make your breathing get better. It’s a small investment that can pay off. 

Hormonal Changes Can Reduce Your Feet's Skin Elasticity

This can happen to women who are in menopause since the estrogen hormone does help with the release of collagen, which keeps their skin looking smooth. Menopause shuts this whole production down which can then trigger the onset of dry skin, which will affect certain areas of their body, including the feet. Fortunately, there are a lot of moisturizing creams and other products that can help women keep their skin from getting dry. 

Athlete's Foot & Fungal Skin Infections

People who play sports are not the only ones who can get this. It just happens to happen a lot to people who sweat and don’t take off their wet socks fast enough or if they walk through a gym shower barefoot, which is an invitation to get a fungal infection on their feet. Besides making their feet itch, it dries out the skin on their feet. There are over-the-counter sprays and creams that can help, but a persistent case can require a podiatrist’s intervention. 

Diabetes, Psoriasis & Other Medical Conditions

There are medical conditions which can cause this. With diabetes, circulation may stop flowing around your feet, which can also cause dry feet. Psoriasis can spread down to your feet and make them itchy. If you are wondering about the health of your feet, do not hesitate to seek medical advice from a professional, including a Levittown podiatrist

Healthy & Easy Tips To Prevent Dry Skin On Your Feet

Healthy & Easy Tips To Prevent Dry Skin On Your Feet In Levittown, NY

The best way to do it is to make sure to moisturize your feet daily with cream. It only takes a few minutes and your feet will look and feel better fairly quickly. There are many reputable creams on the market and they are fairly inexpensive. Talk to friends or family members about what they do. You can do online research to see what is highly rated. 

Dry skin can be a minor inconvenience that can become a problem if the skin cracks and bleeds. Then you face the chance of infection and possible surgery. Just take a few minutes each day to inspect your feet and put moisturizing lotion on them. Your feet do so much for you. Do your share for them. 

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