What Kind Of Shoes Should I Get For My Kids?

What Kind Of Shoes Should I Get For My Kids?

A Comprehensive Guide For Choosing Your Children's Shoes

A Comprehensive Guide For Choosing Your Children's Shoes In Levittown, NY

It seems like your child’s feet grow every day. You could almost swear that you see them getting larger as you look at them. That means that you need to get shoes for them regularly, which can seem like a daunting task. 


You could always see your podiatrist in Levittown… or we could help you with a comprehensive guide for choosing your children’s shoes. Read on to learn more.


Measuring Your Kid’s Feet With Every Visit To The Shoe Shop


It’s important to know exactly how big your child’s feet are each time that you go to the store or order the shoes online. Comfort is the main thing and you want to ensure that the shoes fit perfectly. The last thing you want to have happen is for your son or daughter to be walking around at school with shoes that feel like torture devices. Most shoe stores have an easy measuring device - take a few seconds out of your visit to double-check. 


What Is The Best Shape For Children’s Shoes? 


Choosing this depends on how old your child is. If your child is a baby, they don’t need shoes but rather booties to keep their feet warm, especially when the weather is warm . When they are toddlers, look for shoes that offer a lot of ankle support. Having a high-top can also enable them to have foot support and keep the shoe from slipping off the foot. As they get to school age, you can find shoes that are appropriate for what they are doing there, whether it is for gym class, playing sports or just walking around. 


The Best Material for Children’s Shoes


There are several things you need to look out for when it comes to the shoe. A child’s shoe is broken into several parts: 

  • Upper Part - Don’t get shoes with plastic. Other than that, there are plenty of good materials to pick from, like leather or canvas.
  • Insole - The chances of your child needing arch support are low, but if you are worried about that, then talk to a Levittown podiatrist. Make sure it is absorbent for sweat.
  • Outer Sole - Don’t get soles that are sticky. That might make your child fall. 
  • Heel - Only get shoes with heels when your child is older. They need a flat surface when they start walking and the heel could throw that off. 

The main thing that you want to make sure is that the material allows your child’s feet to breathe, especially if they are a toddler. This is important because their feet tend to sweat a lot and it can also lead to fungal issues if there is nothing to wick the sweat away.  Depending on their age, they can wear anything from leather shoes to sneakers with high-tech material.The younger they are the sturdier it needs to be.


How Flexible & Supportive Should Children’s Shoes Be? 

A Comprehensive Guide For Choosing Your Children's Shoes In Levittown, NY

It is important that your child have flexible shoes when they first start walking. That is because their feet need to be able to move in different directions and it also allows the shoe to be shaped like your child’s foot. As they get older you can get shoes that are a little bit more rigid, but you want to begin with flexibility.


These are just some of the things that you should know about the types of shoes that you should get for your child. Don’t let it intimidate you. Once you get more experience buying these things, then you will find it easier each time. Then as they get older, it becomes a routine for you and you will feel comfortable going shoe shopping. 


The main thing you need to do is listen to what your child says, especially if they say that the shoes are uncomfortable. Check their feet to see if there are any signs that the shoes are ill-fitting. Make changes if you do see a problem. Otherwise, enjoy watching your child grow. 


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