Diabetes Foot Care: How To Look After Your Feet If You Have Diabetes

Diabetes Foot Care: How To Look After Your Feet If You Have Diabetes

NY Podiatrists Share Care Tips For Diabetic Feet


A diabetic person cutting her nails professional in Levittown, NY.You have joined the roughly 1.5 million people that are diagnosed with diabetes each year and now you are worried about taking care of your feet. They are an extremity that will get a lot less blood flow now and there is always the risk of an infection that will lead to an infection or even tissue necrosis that will necessitate amputation. Don’t panic, though. This post is here to help. 


NY podiatrists share care tips for diabetic feet. Read on to learn more. 


Cut Your Diabetic Toenails Professionally

This may be a hard one for you to initially accept. After all, you have spent years and years clipping your own toenails. Why should this be any different? Well, since you are now diabetic, this means that it might be too easy for you to either accidentally cut yourself or cause a situation where you get an ingrown toenail, both of which can mean an infection. 


Instead, it’s better to see your Levittown podiatrist regularly so that they can clip your nails in a way that is safe and they can ensure that you won’t get the ingrown toenail. It’s worth it to save you from possibly having to have foot surgery down the road if you cut it and don’t feel any damage due to the loss of feeling in your feet. 


Diabetic Foot Exercises

Before you do anything, make sure to talk to your doctor about whether you are healthy enough to do anything. You can do things like walking or swimming for general exercise - especially if you have weight-related diabetes. There are things that you can do at home as well that involve sitting in a chair, with your feet uncovered. Don’t be surprised if you get foot cramps when you start off. The exercises, which can help with circulation. include: 

  • toe-taps
  • foot flexes
  • foot circles where the ankle is the range of motion and you can do in both directions
  • heel-toe rocking
  • “play the piano” with your toes
  • grip the floor with your feet


You can also do stretches both on the floor and behind a chair. This can help your calves and your feet and can help with your foot pain


Wear Supportive Shoes


Can shoes help my foot pain? you wear as a diabetic is extremely important.  They need to allow for walking comfortably without possibly chafing and rubbing your heels and causing blisters or cuts, both of which you might not notice with your loss of sensation there. They also need to be durable. By doing this, you can ensure that your feet will be in good shape day in and day out. 


Do not get shoes with pointed toes or ones that don’t allow you to put even pressure on your foot, like high heels or a sole that is too flat. Avoid sandals or flip flops that have a thong-style where you put only one toe through. Leather, canvas, or suede shoes will allow air to circulate smoothly. Also, it’s good to make sure that the insoles are soft.


Get Periodic Diabetic Foot Exams

A diabetic person taking care of her foot in Levittown, NY.This is in addition to getting your toenails cut. You can do your own daily inspections, but you want to have a professional thoroughly examine your feet to verify that everything is in good condition. They can spot things that you might not be able to, especially if your diabetes has affected your eyesight as well. You want to have this done regularly so that they can catch any possible issues and help get you back on the road to recovery as soon as possible. 


Making sure that you take care of your feet is only part of your routine as a diabetic. You need to make sure that you eat properly, regularly check your blood sugar levels and see your main doctor often to regulate it. But keeping your feet in proper condition can be a big part since you need to stay active. By doing all of the above, you will find that your quality of life vastly improves. 


Visit a Professional Levittown Podiatrist

Do you have diabetes and have issues with your feet? Visit a professional Levittown podiatrist - Dr John J Hickey can help you. He has many years of experience and can ensure that your feet are in good shape. Come see him at Levittown Podiatry today - give him a call at 516-735-4545.


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