Everything You Need To Know About Athlete's Foot

Everything You Need To Know About Athlete's Foot

New York Podiatrist's Expert Guide To Prevent Any Type Of Athlete's Foot

Your foot feels itchy. It could just be dry skin, but you are worried that you might have developed athlete's foot. Are you curious about whether you have it? Here’s everything you need to know about athlete's foot.

Here’s a New York podiatrist's expert guide to prevent any type of athlete's foot.


Athlete's Foot (Tinea Pedis) Causes & Symptoms

Athlete's Foot (Tinea Pedis) Causes & Symptoms

Athlete’s foot is typically caused by a fungus that is in the saddme family as the ones that cause ringworm and jock itch. There are some times when it may be a product of yeast, but that’s usually very rare. The fungus likes moisture and eats keratin, which is in your nails and skin. It is not confined to the foot - it can travel to other areas if you touch the fungus and then another body part. 


The symptoms are not the same in everyone. Some may see a rash on their foot while others may see blistering while others may see dry skin or scaling around the area. Some people may even see foot ulcers, where they seee discharge coming out. A podiatrist can verify the diagnosis and point you toward the proper treatment. 


How Can I Prevent Athlete's Foot?

While you can get athlete’s foot in a variety of places, there are some common sense things that you can do to give yourself the best chance of developing this annoying condition:

  • Avoid Being Barefoot In Public Places

This includes the locker room at the gym, the showers at the gym or swimming pool or any other public facility. Yes, the staff there will try to keep things as clean as possible but you would be wise to wear flip-flops when walking around or showering there.

  • Don't Share Socks, Shoes Or Towels

The fungus can stay on these surfaces no matter how clean they may appear. Always have your own pair of socks or shoes and if you need a new towel, the gyms usually have a rack of freshly laundered ones for you to grab. 

  • Keep Your Feet Dry

The fungus loves moisture and can thrive there. Deprive it of that source by keeping your feet dry. Take an extra minute or so and thoroughly dry your feet before putting on any socks or shoes. This is an important step.


The Best Treatments For Feet Fungal Infections In Levittown, NY

There are a wide variety of creams and sprays that you can find in your local pharmacy. They are generally inexpensive and you just need to follow the directions that are on them to get your feet feeling back to normal. It’s important to do it for as long as they direct, otherwise you risk having the fungus come back and cause even more problems for you. 


The Best Treatments For Feet Fungal Infections In Levittown, NY

If the Over-The-Counter treatments don’t work, then you may have to get a prescription from your podiatrist for a stronger cream or you may even have to take some antibiotics in pill form. It depends on certain things like how strong your immune system is or if you have any other underlying diseases. You need to take it for as long as the doctor says otherwise you can wind up having a recurrence. 


While athlete’s foot is generally seen as an annoyance for many people, it can be more serious for those with a compromised immune system or those who are diabetic, since it can possibly lead to infection and require medical intervention to prevent the worst-case scenario of amputation. If you fall in one of those high-risk categories, then you need to inspect your feet daily. 


Ultimately,  it will take your being careful in certain scenarios. A pair of flip flops is a small investment to make to ensure that you don’t have to deal with this all-too-common scenario. If you do get it, just be proactive and take care of it before it gets even worse. All you have to do is use common sense and you should be able to enjoy non-itchy feet for quite a long time. 


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