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Several things happen to the back, feet and legs when a woman is pregnant. Among these are leg and back pain, swollen feet and ankles, varicose veins (OK, so that's in the leg, not the foot - please bear with me) and feet that grow in size. Sound familiar? Here are some ideas that may help minimize these problems.

  1. Wear support stockings, to help keep the swelling down. It will also keep some compression on the veins in the legs, helping prevent them from swelling into varicose veins; it will also help avoid phlebitis. Will it always work? Of course not - but it's a safe and easy way to try and help yourself.
  2. Wear decent arch supports, or even custom-made orthotics. This will stop your feet from going so flat-footed in later stages of pregnancy. How does this help? Going flat-footed causes pressure on the knees and the lower back, and leads to the "My back is killing me" picture. They will also provide some much-needed cushioning and shock absorption.
  3. (OK, this is a continuation, but it deserves its own bullet.) The "My feet got bigger with every baby" syndrome is largely due to letting the feet spread out as the body releases Relaxin (to allow the birth canal to open wider). The hormone also relaxes the ligaments in the feet, and they spread - never to go back. Arch supports or orthotics help minimize this problem.
  4. Many women find that going to a good chiropractor for adjustments as the pregnancy progresses helps minimize their low-back pain, and allows them to walk more easily.

I hope this help you through this happy, although trying, period.