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  • Fungus and the Feet
    We diligently take care of a lot of parts of our bodies. Our face? We wash our hair, shave, and moisturize to keep it looking fresh. Hands? We cut our Read more
  • How to Care For Your Feet in The Summer
    The temperatures are soaring in the Levittown area and you know what that means: summer. That also means really, really hot days. While your whole body feels the effects, your Read more
  • All About Foot Corns and Calluses
    Have you found that there is a thick layer of skin on some parts of your body? It may be your toes or feet or on your hands. Those are Read more
  • Geriatric Foot Problems
    Although the distance of the years between your date of birth and your age may have widened some, that doesn’t mean that you have to feel older. Then again, certain Read more
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