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do podiatrists treat nail fungus?Do Podiatrists Really Treat Nail Fungus?


Toenail fungus, or onychomycosis, is an infection which lives under the surface of the nail caused by fungus. When these microscopic organisms develop, the nail then tends to become dark and can even cause a bad smell. Additionally, different particles can gather and grow beneath the base of the nail, which can in turn cause unsightly white markings to appear.  


Do podiatrists treat nail fungus? - Yes! If toenail fungus is not treated by a podiatrist at the very first signs, it can cause damage for a lifetime. Although you may think that your smelly feet are normal after a long, hot day, this may actually be a subtle (or not so subtle!) sign that something is going on with your feet. The harms of toenail fungus include possibility of spreading of infection and bacteria, as well as impaired mobility. Podiatrists have seen severe cases where the skin of the toenails has become necrotic (or black) and actually enabling patients to walk.


As the fungus grows, the toenails will also thicken. This makes them difficult to trim (and pedicures impossible!) and can even limit your shoe options as well. There is also a yeast infection which can develop in the nails, which comes with some painful side effects and complications.


How do podiatrists treatments nail fungus?


There are a variety of different treatments which a podiatrist can give to treat the fungus. First, there are a few different oral antifungal drugs which can be prescribed. These will help the new nail tissue grow without any infection. These treatments normally take up to twelve weeks to be completely effective, however the nail may take several months to fully and healthily grow back. In some cases, an oral medication may be prescribed along with an anti-fungal topical cream or ointment.


Another interesting treatment option which your podiatrist may offer is medicated nail polish. There are several brands available, and this is used by painting the toes. This polish is usually used for up to a year to experience the full effects and side effects are minimal.


In severe cases, a surgical or more invasive approach may be necessary. Nail removal is a common procedure which podiatrists often perform right in their office and can give your toe(s) a chance to regrow a new healthy nail. In some cases, a more complex surgery which removes the entire nail bed may be needed. Laser therapy is available for some patients as well, which has a much quicker turnaround time and patients can see effects in as little as 24 hours.

No matter how minor you think your potential nail fungus may be, it’s important to have it checked out the an experienced podiatrist. There are many solutions which will keep your feet looking sweet this summer!