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Common Causes Of Dry Skin On Your Feet

All About Dry Skin On Your Feet & How To Prevent It Dry skin on your feet is unappealing in so many ways - though you might be able to peel Read More

What Kind Of Shoes Should I Get For My Kids?

A Comprehensive Guide For Choosing Your Children's Shoes It seems like your child’s feet grow every day. You could almost swear that you see them getting larger as you look at Read More

Understanding Gout, Its Causes, Consequences & Treatment

Why Is Gout Considered One Of The Most Common Kinds Of Inflammatory Arthritis?   It comes out of nowhere, it seems. Your big toe might suddenly hurt … a lot. Or it Read More

What Is Morton's Neuroma & What Can I Do To Treat It?

Intermetatarsal Neuroma: Possible Causes & Treatments   You’re walking around like you normally do and you feel pain in your foot. It doesn’t go away and walking gets more painful. There is Read More

Diabetes Foot Care: How To Look After Your Feet If You Have Diabetes

NY Podiatrists Share Care Tips For Diabetic Feet   You have joined the roughly 1.5 million people that are diagnosed with diabetes each year and now you are worried about taking care Read More

Can Flat Feet Be Managed Or Treated?

Levittown's Expert Podiatrists Share Tips To Deal With Flat Feet There was a time where people who had flat feet were not accepted in the military. That is still true… to Read More

What Are The Reasons Heel Spurs Develop?

Experienced New York Podiatrists Explain The Causes Of Heel Spurs   It can happen when waking up. You stand up and it feels like a sharp pain is at the bottom of Read More

Can a Podiatrist Treat Achilles Tendonitis?

Our New York Podiatrists Answer Frequently Asked Questions About  Achilles Tendinitis   You feel pain in your heel and are wondering if it is Achilles tendonitis. The next question is - who Read More

Metatarsalgia: Common Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

What Can a Levittown Podiatrist Do For Metatarsalgia?   You’re walking or running and you noticed that the ball of your foot hurts… a lot… and it also feels like it’s inflamed. Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Athlete's Foot

New York Podiatrist's Expert Guide To Prevent Any Type Of Athlete's Foot Your foot feels itchy. It could just be dry skin, but you are worried that you might have developed Read More

How Does Laser Treatment For Toenail Fungus Work?

  Levittown's Expert Podiatrists Explain The Fungal Nail Laser Treatment    People may notice a change in their toenails - no, not the fact that they have let them grow too long and Read More

Stretching & Keeping Your Feet Healthy | Levittown Podiatry

  The Importance of Foot Exercises   Are you worried about foot conditions or injuries? Have you had circulation issues? Do you live in Levittown and need to see a podiatrist often? There Read More

Foot Arthritis and Its Effects

When you think of arthritis, you may tend to think it targets areas like the hands. While that is a prime spot, it also greatly affects your feet. Many people Read More

All You Need To Know About Foot Warts

You feel something on the bottom of your foot. It’s not a blister. It feels like something else. Chances are that you might have a plantar wart, also known as Read More

How To Avoid Winter Foot Injuries

For some, winter heralds a time to stay indoors (though that has been happening a lot more lately thanks to recent events, no matter the season), while others relish the Read More

All You Need to Know About Podiatry

Are your feet bothering you? Do you have blisters on the soles or on the toes or on the heels? Does walking feel like you’re always hurting? Do you have Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 20 posts